Volleyball Information


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  • 1st Session of League volleyball will begin in April 9th $325/team for coed 6's, 14 weeks
  • 2nd Session of league volleyball begins mid-July (exact date depends on holiday/makeup games from 1st session). Ending date will be about the end of October.
  • Every Saturday is open volleyball until 1 am unless a tournament has been scheduled. Sunday there is open volleyball as well from open (noon) until leagues start at 4pm. If interested in bringing a group in earlier to get a few more hours of open play in, contact Stef about possibly opening early. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 347-0524)
  •  Just a reminder – WE RARELY CANCEL!
  • Fat Daddy’s is always looking for extra referee’s to help cover some nights. It’s a GREAT way to make some extra cash while enjoying volleyball. If you are interested, stop in at Fat Daddy’s to get the lowdown!
  • All players are responsible for knowing the league volleyball rules.
  • NO DOGS ALLOWED in the bar or in the courts!
  • 4 Man League is $250/team- no girl rule, 10 weeks
  • Friday League is the most affordable at $200/team, full season
  • This is a Bar League. No carry-in items. Any coolers or other carry-in items and the party will be asked to leave
  • ONLY cash or check is accepted for ALL volleyball tournaments



The schedule consists of 14 weeks of play. There may or may not be a flex week depending on the number of teams in the league – rainout & reschedules will have to be made up during other free time. If you are unsure of when this is, ask Stef or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If a team drops out of league play anytime during the session, for any reason, teams scheduled to play that team will be awarded a bye and automatic 3 wins for the match, UNLESS the schedule can be reworked properly AND fairly to allow more playing time for every team.

Matches can be rescheduled anytime throughout the season during Fat Daddy’s normal hours of operation, but not beyond midnight, provided that BOTH team captains agree  and no other league play is scheduled for that time. Fat Daddy's will try their best to provide a ref but a ref is not guaranteed, in the event of no ref the teams will ref themselves and report their scores to the bartender.

The regular season schedule will continue as laid out and make-up games will be played at a time & date other than regular season play. It is the team captains’ responsibility to set the time in agreement with each other and coordinator, Stef or the head volleyball ref Chris. These games will then be added to the website schedule.


One game is forfeited after 10 minutes, 2 games after 15 minutes and 3 games (match) after 25 minutes.

Any full forfeiture will result in a 3-game victory for the team on site and will qualify them for the 3-win free domestic pitcher. Pitcher will only be provided when winning team redeems coupon received from referee THAT DAY! NO EXCEPTIONS!.

You MUST notify the staff at Fat Daddy’s (414-347-0524) as early as possible, AND the captain of the team you are scheduled to play, if a forfeiture is imminent. If you would like to reschedule these matches, they can be made up ONLY if agreed to by BOTH captains, to be played at another time. It will be responsibility of the teams to set time & date of rematch, and they should inform the bar as well of the reschedule.

If you have NOT contacted the opposing team captain and you do NOT show up, it will be considered a forfeit! NO EXCEPTIONS!


Games start at times posted for each night. Please note that start times may vary on different weeknights due to the number of teams that play that particular night of the week. This includes playoff games.

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Each team is allowed ONE time out per GAME but each time out is counted against match time.


Teams must consist of at least two players, one female and one male. A team MAY play ONE more male than female during season play and payoffs. The female rule still applies, and player lineup WILL alternate male and female.

Every regular team player & substitute must sign a player release liability.
This also acts as your team roster. Any opposing team can question your roster at ANY time!


Rotation occurs when a team wins the serve. Rotation is to the middle back position.


A, B & C Court/Leagues: 3 games will be played with RALLY SCORING TO 25 points (win by 2) with a cap at 28 points. Let serves will be LEGAL/ALLOWED. This means that on a serve, if the ball HITS the net and goes over on the other side, it is a PLAYABLE ball. If time is an issue the last game maybe played to 21 or 15 to ensure that games stay on schedule, the referee will make this decision and notify both captains before the start of the third game. Teams will switch sides during the middle of the third game, whichever team reaches 13 first. If the third game is shorten due to time then they will switch sides at 7 or 11 accordingly.


There will be playoffs starting the 13th week of league play, if there are less than 10 teams in the league then the playoffs are as follows-with 5th place-9th place playing (5th v 6th, 7th v 8th and 9th has a bye). Then on the 14th week of league play, there will be a mini tournament for 1st-4th place teams. This means that 1st plays 4th, then 2nd plays 3rd and then the winners of both these matches will play each other for the championship. The winner of this championship match will receive the 1st place bar tab and the other team will receive the 2nd place bar tab. If there are 10 or more teams in your league then the top 6 teams make the playoffs, the top 2 teams get a bye for the mini tournament. Week 13 remains the same with the lower seed teams and week 14 is for the mini tournament. The playoff games for the 6 team tournament will be played up to 21 and start as follows, 6:00, 6:50, 7:40, 8:30 & 9:20 only if 1 court is available otherwise the games will be played to 25 if 2 courts are available.

Of course, all wins/losses count towards your team standings and will determine where you finish at the end of the league play for the session (week 12). Your place for the playoffs is determined by the number of wins you have in comparison with the other teams on your court. Any ties will be determined on the head to head match up from that session with the other team you are tied with.


We strive to make the leagues an enjoyable experience for everyone. We actively make sure that the talent is as even on all courts as possible.

If your team has not won a single game on your court, we highly recommend that you move your team to the lower level.

If your team wins the league 2 consecutive times we reccommend that your team moves to a higher level. Some nights do not offer a higher level, so if your team can change nights that is highly reccommended but we do understand that certain nights work for certain teams and we will not force but reccommend.

These recommendations ensure that all parties involved will have fair competition and in the long run make them a better team.


If you are NOT of LEGAL drinking age (21 in the state of Wisconsin) then you are not allowed to play in our leagues, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

All children MUST be SUPERVISED at ALL times! NO EXCEPTIONS! This insures the safety of everyone. They should not be playing or digging holes close to the courts, again this is for EVERYONE'S safety.

If problems persist, they will be properly rectified.


Unsportsmanlike/Disorderly conduct will NOT be tolerated at ANY time! It will be left to the discretion of the ref on how to discipline this type of behavior. The referees are taking time out of their busy lives to ref, so please be respectful and ONLY the captain should approach the ref. Warnings will be given first. Continuation of this type of behavior could result in loss of points, game and even a match.

If this behavior continues to get worse and doesn’t subside throughout the session, a team could be kicked out of the league, and NO refunds would be offered!


  • All lines are in and net boundaries are pole-to-pole.
  • Ball service may be made from any location behind the back line.
  • The serving team MUST wait for the referee’s whistle prior to the serve. One warning will be given PER MATCH and any subsequent violations will result in loss of service. Each player in allowed one bad toss PER MATCH, they will also be given a warning and any other subsequent violations will result in loss of service. It is the captains’ responsibility to make sure his substitute players know this rule.
  • Setting the serve is LEGAL.
  • Attacking and blocking the serve is ILLEGAL.
  • Double hit is illegal; unless played on a hard driven ball.
  • Back row attack must be made before the ten foot line.
  • You cannot switch a back line male to block in the front row at any time.
  • You can NOT touch the net with ANY part of your body during an attack, set or block of the ball. Only incidental contact with the net away from the ball is acceptable.
  • A block does NOT count as a hit.
  • Each team may contact the ball three times per volley.
  • If more than one hit per side, a female MUST make one hit prior to returning the ball. This is known as the “female rule”.
  • Players may go under the net as long as they do NOT interfere with play of the ball by the opposing team or making contact with an opposing player.
  • Ball is playable off any part of the body AND players are ALLOWED to use their foot, but not allowed to snap their leg (No soccer moves.)
  • Players are allowed ONE step onto an adjacent court while trying to return a ball, as long as it does NOT interfere with play on the other court. If play is interfered with on adjacent court, then the point will be awarded to the other team. If a Re-Do is felt to be necessary, it is left to the discretion of your referee!
  • If questions arise during a match with any aspect of the match, ONLY captains should approach & discuss the matter with the referee.
  • The referee’s decision is ALWAYS FINAL!

Four man league has the same rules as above with these exceptions:
1) NO girl rule 2) NO rotation and 3) NO open hand tipping.


There will be one pitcher race winner per night/per session that will receive a quarter barrel party to be booked at their convenience (ALL courts are involved in the nightly pitcher race). Reminder, the pitcher race is per NIGHT, NOT per COURT.

The one team per session that accrues the highest number of pitchers out of ALL the nights played will receive an additional quarter barrel party.

You may drink towards the pitcher race ANY night of the week, not just the night you play on.


There will be one bomb race winner per night/per session that will receive a bar tab. ALL courts are involved in the nightly bomb race. Reminder, the bomb race is per NIGHT, NOT per COURT.

The one team that accrues the highest number of bombs will receive the highest bar tab, and the others will fall in order for the lesser bar tabs.

You may ONLY drink towards the bomb race on the night you play.

ONLY bombs with red bull count towards the race.


Prizes for each court/each night are as follows: 1st Place wins an $100 bar tab, 2nd Place wins a $60 bar tab for coed 6's. 4man is as follows: 1st-$100, 2nd-$50

Any team wishing to use the voucher towards purchases of clothing may do so up to the value of the voucher.

All vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable. Each voucher will only be issued ONCE, NO EXCEPTIONS!


In an effort to keep the season current, we will only call matches if severe weather conditions occur.

Rainout decisions will be made before the first match. If threatening weather (lightening, hail, etc) only lasts a short period of the evening, decisions on other games throughout the night will be made as the evening goes on. We don’t like to cancel an ENTIRE evening, unless absolutely necessary & the weather is extreme (especially with limited flex weeks)

Rainout information can be obtained by calling Fat Daddy’s at (414) 347-0524 

Rainout makeup dates will be posted on the web site as well as on site and every effort will be made to accommodate any and all personal schedules.

We would prefer to have all teams play the same amount of games and make every attempt to give several alternative make-up dates.


  • ONLY Fat Daddy’s staff members are allowed to retrieve balls that may land on any adjacent roof (Fat Daddy's, Ashley's Que, D.I.X & the garage), or in the empty parking lot located between the garage and D.I.X. Please try to adhere to this rule.
  • If a member is not able to retrieve an errant ball that night, every effort will be made to retrieve the ball the following day.
  • Fat Daddy’s is not responsible for any lost clothing, personal belongings or equipment.
  • Fat Daddy’s will have tournament quality balls on site at all times.
  • If any team or members choose to use personal equipment, the aforementioned rules will apply.
  • Fat Daddy's reserves the right to update and clarify the rules throughout the year.

IF AT ANYTIME DURING THE YEAR YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CALL STEF @ 414-347-0524 OR BY EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..